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April 15, 2011
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April 22, 2011
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5 Of My Favorite KL Foods

Walking around Kuala Lumpur or “KL” now to me is a pretty easy task. The streets over time have become easier to navigate, the people friendlier, the food better. Well, the food was always good and apart from one mis-hap, that never changed. Today, let’s talk about five of my favorite so far. From Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor, we walk around to take a journey that would make most people jealous.

I talked about this recently and have decided this at the moment deserves the number one spot. Chili Pan Mee. Yes, Chili Pan Mee and myself have become good friends recently. averaging two bowls a meeting. Lick it up, slurp it in. What a spicy delicious and yet simple meal this is. Take the monorail or have a look on Foursquare. Plenty of options.

Chili Pan Mee

Claypot Chicken Rice. Little bit more expensive but well worth the dollars spent. Made in the traditional way with charcoal, this is simply amazing. You can order side dishes however one clay pot should be enough between two of you. Throw in the little salty fish, mix it around and enjoy this lovely meal in Pudu. Take a cab for around RM10.

Bah Kut Teh. Another special meal introduced to me from my friends Prasad & Sue. Again, you can’t fault it for simplicity. The meal is prepared through the day in a soft boiling broth, add in the pork (chicken Version in Halal Joints). Loads of Herbs give it a special taste depending on which part of town you are in. Klang one is a little different however tasty. RM90 for around 5 people, spent the money and enjoy this meal.

Classic Rojak. Only available Tuesday and Friday in Jalan Alor, however you can wander out and find the shops around KL. Depending on who makes it, amazing tasting, try, the sauce, remarkable, can be made spicy to suit your taste. Many call it a fruit and vegetable dish. Throw in the pineapple,cucumber, turnips and the rest for this absolutely wonderful dish.

Claypot Chicken Rice

Chili Crab behind Bukit Bintang Monorail is number five. It was once holding the number one spot after I went there 3 times in one week however over the coming months, has fallen from grace. The Crabs, specially the red sweet and spicy sauce is amazing. It comes with Shrimps that are to die for. For around RM88 for two people, you can enjoy all this plus drinks, vegetables, rice. I would recommend buying some bread to mop up the sauce thou.

Finally, is it possible to eat all this in one day. I would take two days to walk around and enjoy these delights however one day is very possible. Work your way down the list. Start the morning with some Chili Pan Mee, Hit Pudu for some ClayPot chicken rice, Have some tasty Rojak as a snack, have Chili Crab for dinner than a very late supper with Bah Kut Teh. See all is possible in a day.

Bah Kut Teh

Bah Kut Teh