al-amar thumbThe Ramadan month is well and truly underway with Muslims all around the world fasting for a month from dawn till dusk. After which, the Muslims will break their fast and begin eating before the next day of fasting. What is great though is that the abundance of food during this time makes the question of what to eat for dinner in Kuala Lumpur close to irrelevant as vendors sell a variety of local food that will keep you craving for more and it is open to non-Muslims as well.


Every year, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine in Pavilion KL will have their Al-Amar Ramadhan Buffet promotion in conjunction.

“The cuisine is a combination of traditional hot and cold mezzes, grills, salads and desserts. Al-Amar Pavilion also offers unusual items such as raw meats and oriental dishes which will stun even the most adventurous palate.”


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Taken from: Al-Amar’s Website


“Partake in the Middle Eastern restaurant’s daily iftar buffets for succulent lamb, chicken, beef and seafood grills. To end your meal, try their selection of Mediterranean sweets including baklava and one very refreshing jellab (date syrup).”


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Article by: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – Al-Amar Ramadhan Buffet

If you are up for some unique cuisine then head on over to Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine and indulge in their Al-Amar Ramadhan Buffet. Still thinking of what to eat for dinner in Kuala Lumpur?

Do check out Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine’s Facebook page for more updates on the current promotions.