Hotel Reviews with a Twist

Apple Hotel Kuala LumurApple hotel has recently taken guest appreciation to another platform by offering the guests an opportunity  to review their stay via video upon checking out. The process does have it’s draw backs with where guests can offer negative feedback however CEO Jerry Ho said ” We can turn that negative into a positive through really feeling what the guest have said. We don’t feel like we need to hide behind a curtain with our guests and all reviews are taken into account. We have tried in the past to encourage guests to post a review on our Facebook, Google places or any OTA websites they may have come through however we feel having them here is a lot more effective as we do encourage guests to speak their mind.  The overall goal is having a comfortable, safe & clean Hotel.”
This is a refreshing take on reviews as 98% of Hotels in Kuala Lumpur do not take the reviews seriously or just don’t bother responding. Watching the review process from two different prospectives it feels as though giving the guests the opportunity to speak out in reality is a positive. The hotel can put together a plan of action for any guests complaints and also show the proper appreciation for the guests. The option utilized is in a Q and A form where the staff asks the guest some questions. This also seems to work well as the questions asked are well formed and give the potential customer a better understanding of the Hotel. The video review process also takes away the element of a fake review being posted on other websites.

All reviews are posted on the website here and also on the Facebook page as well. We saw thee reviews in our time at the Hotel and all three were from Different parts of the World. The Japanese review by a couple seemed to be more focused on security where the other two guests from Africa and Thailand were in a jovial mood as they described the stay in Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur as one they would recommend.
Apple Hotel is a no frills hotel and they do suggest that the rooms are a bit small. In saying that the guests who come to the hotel from the reviews have taken that advice on board and are well aware of the space available. This only goes to further strengthen the position of Apple Hotel in the very competitive Kuala Lumpur Hotel market.

Apple Hotel is taking the time and effort needed to to make sure the guests are well looked after and this review process is our mind a positive step. We wonder if this sort of trend will take  center in the Kuala Lumpur Hotel market.