Why the unique Apple hotel is the best choice when considering downtown Kuala Lumpur hotels

Downtown Kuala Lumpur hotels are the best option for anybody wishing to visit the city because it is the ideal tourist location. Whether you are a shopaholic, nature lover or sightseeing photographer there are a vast variety of amenities and attractions from shopping malls, to the serene parks and gardens and the landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers.

Downtown Kuala Lumpur hotels

Nestled within this vibrancy is Jalan Alor, a peaceful street by day that comes alive with the colour and aromas of food stalls at night. A real chance to see experience the culture at its finest, it has an old charm and character and culinary delights you can only imagine. Jalan Alor is such a must see, that it makes sense for those planning their stay to consider staying at a hotel on that very street.

Apple Hotel downtown Kuala Lumpur hotelsThe extraordinary, budget boutique Apple Hotel is one of these. Just thirty minutes by train from the International Airport, this hotel is convenient and affordable. Their ethos is great comfort and security, preferring to provide an enjoyable experience than charge excessively, making them a great choice when considering downtown Kuala Lumpur hotels.

The rooms have the basic facilities, comfort is assured and all come as en-suite with wifi enabled. The attributes that make Apple hotel special however are those that are truly unique and maximise the guests stay; on arriving guests receive a free towel and pillowcase to ensure personal hygiene, the lobby contains a giant map with directions so they don’t get lost, and on departure they have the option of luggage storage so they can return after their final expedition to freshen up.

With all these wonderful, affordable features on site and the wonders of downtown Kuala Lumpur and Jalan Alor on its doorstep, the Apple hotel is the obvious choice when booking a room at downtown Kuala Lumpur hotels.