Hotels in Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang

There are dozens of hotels scattered throughout Kuala Lumpur but the hotels you should look out for are the hotels in Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang. Jalan Alor is located in the Bukit Bintang district and the Bukit Bintang district is part of the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur that makes up three of the most exciting places in the city. The Golden Triangle area holds all forms of luxury from amazing accommodations to great entertainment.

It is for this particular reason that hotels in Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang are so highly sought after by tourists. Nestled in the heart of the city, it is a gateway to all things beautiful in the city. There are world-class hotels and then there are boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are not any lesser; it just depends on what a person deems a good hotel. A good hotel can be anything from experiencing amazing luxuries and comfort to hotels that offer competitive prices without compromising too much on comfort, you could say value-for-money.

One of the hotels in Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang is Apple Hotel, a boutique hotel that offers a quirky brand with unique apple-shaped decors, competitive prices and great comforts in relation to the money you spent. The hotel does not skimp on comfort and cleanliness as every guest is given new sheets upon check-in to go with their clean comfortable room. However, the main selling point of this hotel is that aside from its competitive prices, guests are also given an incredible level of convenience to the city.

Imagine the city’s main shopping malls such as Pavilion KL and Lot 10 being right within your fingertips. Or the best fine dining restaurants just a stone’s throw away. The Golden Triangle and particularly Bukit Bintang is well-known for being the best nightlife area in the city, namely Changkat carrying a clutch of bars and clubs for those who prefer coming out at night rather than staying in.

lot 10

Lot 10

Pavilion KL

Pavilion KL

One thing is for sure and that is Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor offers great comforts and convenience to go with a competitive price ensuring that your time in Kuala Lumpur is well spent. With the many cool thing to see and exciting things to do in the city, you will never find yourself bored or too free.