Astonishing & Remarkable Kuala Lumpur KLCC Attractions

Kuala Lumpur is the perfect destination for all tourists where they can discover a world of picture-perfect land and waterscape, splendid with rolling hills and unequalled cultural diversity. This beautiful city is considered as the fastest growing city in Malaysia as well as one of the most rapid in Asia in terms of population and economy. It is fully packed with amazing attractions and thrilling adventures which will really make your holidays awful. There are lots of things in Kuala Lumpur which  will surely make your trip unforgettable with  lots of adventures experience. Either in the night or in the day life, Kuala Lumpur always remains the center of attractions for their tourists.


Astonishing & Remarkable Kuala Lumpur KLCC Attractions


There are several enchanting places in Kuala Lumpur, and Aquaria KLCC attractions is one of them. It is an underwater park that provides the complete knowledge and journey towards the aquatic life. Aquaria is a 90 m underwater tunnel consists of Gigantic sharks and sand tiger who will swim along with the tourists. The whole tunnel is encased in brilliant blue waters which are surrounded by lots of colorful and vivacious fishes roaming around you. It is the largest aquarium in the world which consists of over 150 species of aquatic animals. This would be really a thrilling experience for every visitor.

Other KLCC attractions are as follow: KLCC Pedestrian Walkway (connects Pavilion KL to Impiana KLCC Hotel and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center), Dewan Filharmonik Orchestra (Southeast Asia’s premier venue for Classical music concerts), KLCC Park (designed to provide a touch of greenery for the PETRONAS Twin Towers and the areas surrounding it), Menara KL Tower( Malaysia’s most recognizable and popular landmark), PETRONAS Art Gallery (local and international, traditional and contemporary works of art ),PETRONAS Twin Towers ( Islamic inspired building near about 452 m tall), Petrosains and many more. With the numerous attractions in Kuala Lumpur, it will surely take up more than just a day to go around and visit the popular places.


Kuala Lumpur not only welcomes his guests in day but also heartily greetings in nights. KLCC nightlife is really very gratifying and full of enjoyment. For every youth and young couples, nights of Kuala Lumpur is full of excitement and joy. When it comes to the night enjoyment, Jalan Ampang nightlife is one of them. This road usually connects straight to the Petronas Twin Towers. It primarily creates a green and shady look which consists of plenitude of exhilarating nightlife entertainment options. From this locations all the convenience facilities are easily available to research Kuala Lumpur more profoundly. It consists of the Sky bar, Rooftop Bar, Marinis on 57, Skylounge at Ascott, Bridge bar and lots more.


If you are also making a plan to come in Malaysia but have some concern regarding accommodation then no need to worry as there are many hotels in Kuala Lumpur that all you need to determine the budget you are able to allocate for lodging. As per your needs, several budget hotels are available. Xcel hotel is one of the best budget hotels which is well known for providing quality services at affordable price.


So , what are you waiting for! Get ready to explore the beauty and charming of Kuala Lumpur and its KLCC attractions.