September 30, 2011

Apple Hotel Guest From Indonesia

Budget Hotel Bukit Bintang
September 29, 2011

Finding The Perfect Place To Stay in Kuala Lumpur

People often go on vacation to relax and have a good time.  There are places that you can go to and there are hotels that can cater to all your needs to make your vacation even more enjoyable.  You might want to consider Malaysia as your next destination spot.  We all know that Kuala Lumpur is the home of the famous Petronas Towers and your vacation won’t be complete if you won’t visit this particular tourist spot.  It is known as the tallest twin building of the world and tourists from around the globe visit KL just to see this […]
September 27, 2011

Apple Hotel Guest From New York

Hotel Bukit Bintang
September 26, 2011

Check Out Our Great Kuala Lumpur Hotel Rates

Kuala Lumpur is the sixth most visited city in the world, and now, with the special Kuala Lumpur hotel rates offered here on our site, this year, you too, can make marvelous Malaysia your next destination, for less than ever before. What makes Kuala Lumpur such a hot spot for tourists? It’s famous for international shopping, where you can find many bargains to buy and bring home at the hundreds of megamalls stocked with brand items from all over the world. This bustling city, is also renowned for it’s wealth of attractions and famous sights. The Malaysian Mega Sale event […]
September 25, 2011

Lovely Apple Hotel Guest From Honduras

Malaysian Hotels in Kuala Lumpur