Winner of Week 3 Hotel Promotion

Apple Hotel Winner of Week 3 Hotel Promotion to Kuala Lumpur

Once again like previous weeks, we had a close competition. The winner in the end won by several votes. The competition this week was a lot simpler than previous weeks. So much so that the eventful hotel promotion winner was a very simple Red Apple.

Congratulations to Nivlek Kelvin. Kelvin […]

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Hotel Promotion to Continue for one more week

Apple Hotel Promotion to Continue for another week

Apple Hotel has decided to give fans another chance to win 3 nights free accommodation at Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur. With so many fans entering the promotion, Social Media Team for Apple Hotel decided to give it another week. The promotion so far has been full of pictures from […]

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Hotel Promotion Win 3 Days

Win 3 nights at Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Apple Hotel has been running a capture and win promotion recently. Heading into the last week of the hotel promotion,we can successfully say that the Apple Hotel Fans are very creative and supportive of their friends. The winner of each of the last two weeks have been people with the most votes hence […]

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Hotel Promotion Winner Week Two

This was another fantastic week for in the level of competition we had for the 3 Nights Free Stay. The Hotel Promotion was a great chance for people to show off their creative style and flair. It was unfortunate that we could only have one winner this week. All four people have put great effort into making this not […]

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A Very Special Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

Buddhist Holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Today is a very special day. For some it is a public holiday, a day to relax, wind down and not have to be at work. For others it will be a day of prayer and respect for the revered Buddha.  Today is Vesākha Day as pronounced in what is considered by most as the pure language (Sanskrit). […]

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