April 27, 2011

5 Cheap things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Cheap Tourist Attractions in Kuala Lumpur While we all love to travel, something that holds most of us back is our budget to do all the things we want to. This can lead to restrictions in our travel plans and often when we get there, we are stuck in our Hotel room watching boring Television. Sometimes it is the lack of information provided, other times it’s purely the budget of more like the lack of it. Malaysia as we have so many times mentioned is a food paradise. Being a food paradise doesn’t necessary mean the food is cheap. Let’s face it, […]
April 22, 2011

Tourist Safety in Kuala Lumpur

Safety and Security is always a concern for anyone traveling. Thou we like to think that nothing bad may happen to us in our travels, from time to time bad things do happen. However, what we can do is take the best available safety and security measures. Normally, higher percentage of people booking a Hotel room in Kuala Lumpur will be sold by the pretty pictures. One of the main things I personally look for is comments in the reviews about security. Things to take into consideration  are how many night staff they have. How does one get into the […]
April 17, 2011

5 Of My Favorite KL Foods

Walking around Kuala Lumpur or “KL” now to me is a pretty easy task. The streets over time have become easier to navigate, the people friendlier, the food better. Well, the food was always good and apart from one mis-hap, that never changed. Today, let’s talk about five of my favorite so far. From Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor, we walk around to take a journey that would make most people jealous. I talked about this recently and have decided this at the moment deserves the number one spot. Chili Pan Mee. Yes, Chili Pan Mee and myself have become […]
April 15, 2011

Chili Pan Mee in Kuala Lumpur

How many bowls of Chili Pan Mee can you do? By now, we are all aware from reading this blog that food is Malaysia’s life blood. It is the beating heart in this wonderful country. Today was not to disappoint. The dish of the day is simple, filling, fast and most importantly, cheap. As travelers, we all look for tasty food that is great value for money. If your ready to jump on the monorail, than I have the right treat for you. Chili Pan Mee. Pan Mee is more so known as Hokkien-style noodle, originating in Malaysia itself. It literally […]
April 12, 2011

A Date with Madam Kwan

Well, it wasn’t really a date but more so lunch at the Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur. A short hop and a skip away from Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor. If your’e wondering who Madam Kwan is? Well, she is an icon. One of not many left in Kuala Lumpur. Madam Kwan has been in business for over 25 years. Her food is delicious and tasty making many people happy even CEO of Apple Hotel Jerry Ho. Mr Ho started going to Madam Kwan back 20 years ago saving his RM7 out of a modest pay to eat her delicious food. […]