Winner Apple Hotel Promotion Kuala Lumpur

Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur would like to thank all participants in today’s promotion. However they can only be one winner and today’s winner is Eny Susanto. First of all Eny wrote a great blog about what she likes to do in Kuala Lumpur.

“Kuala Lumpur! I loved to be there. loved to experienced the food! the shopping centre! The […]

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Air Asia Partners with Apple Hotel

Air Asia and Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Recently we posted a blog about Apple Hotel partnering up with a major online company. Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is proud to announce that the company is Air Asia. Travelers through Air Asia will be able to book rooms to Apple Hotel.  Director Jerry Hoe has said ” We are delighted to […]

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Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumpur

Hidden things to do  in Kuala Lumpur

Travelling in Kuala Lumpur is a lot of fun. However given the time and budget, What would you really like to do? Let’s face it, Kuala Lumpur is amazing. The city gives the impression of a highly developed modern giant however beneath the nig tall buildings are the little food stalls, cheap hand […]

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Super Bowl 2011 at Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Super Bowl Sunday at Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Today was manic Monday for most of us however in the USA it was Sunday and that meant the age old tradition of Football was at it’s peak for this year. This was the Super Bowl XLV or Forty five and thou the Green Bay packers took the honors with a 31-25 […]

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Get a piece of the Apple for Chinese New Year

One Free Room every day till the end of Chinese New Year.

Apple Hotels Kuala Lumpur is offering all the wonderful fans on Facebook a chance to win a free double room till the end of Chinese New Year. This promotion is only available to Facebook Fans of Apple Hotel. This gift is Apple Hotel’s special way of saying […]

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