February 13, 2011

Winner for Saturday Promotion.

Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur would like to thank all the entrants for yesterday’s promotion. We would like apologize for the delay in announcing the winner due to  some complications. However in moving forward we would like to congratulate Shani Dwiyani for being our winner for Saturday’s promotion. Shani has won a one night free stay at Apple Hotel in our double room. Shani worked hard to get the likes to make her win the promotion. She also wrote “I love Kuala Lumpur for the friendly and nicest people,for the tourist attractions,for the entertainments,for the easy transportation to go from one place to another,for the […]
February 12, 2011

Winner for Friday’s Promotion

Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur Winner We would like to thank all entrants for Friday’s promotion. It was a close call between HasibanWijaya and Chris Topo Siew.  Both wrote good pieces and had great feedback from people.  The winner was clear at the end and we would like to thank both entrants for their hard work. The winner Hasiban Wijaya. Thank you for your amazing hard work Hasiban. You have won a free night’s accommodation at Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The promotion is open again today. Just simply write why you like Kuala Lumpur and the persoon who has the most like wins. […]
February 11, 2011

The Apple Chair

Every Hotel you walk into these days has something unique about it. Some may be the stylish pool, others the beautiful scenery or simply the level of customer service you do or don’t receive.  One such unique feature is also available at the Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Apple Hotel has really put some brains and branding power into the concept of the Apple. The green that you notice from outside to walking in gives it a true feeling of green power as we call in New Zealand and in Australia. The true green feeling is that of the very eco environment. The presence walking into […]
February 11, 2011

Thursdya’s Promotion Winner

Apple Hotel would like to congratulate Selvi Winto for winning yesterday’s promotion. Selvi got quite a few people to like her view on what she would like to do in Kuala Lumpur. Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur would like to thank all the participants for yesterday. The promotion is open again today. Please get ypour entries in by 10pm. Winner will be announced tomorrow morning. It’s simple just write why you like Kuala Lumpur and just get your friends to like your comment.
February 10, 2011

Chicken Rice in Kuala Lumpur

The Best Chicken Rice in Kuala Lumpur When it comes to Chicken Rice, I have hunted long and wide for good Chicken Rice in Kuala Lumpur. Unknown to me the best chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur was right next door to Apple Hotel. ok, so officially the restaurant next door to Apple Hotel hasn’t opened yet. However in saying this, I was kindly invited for a taste of let’s just call it paradise. The soft opening allowed me to taste this amazing chicken rice. So what is chicken rice some of you may ask. Chicken Rice is a traditional Chinese […]