Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

We all love the street food in Kuala Lumpur. The locals provide a mixture of  Indian, Chinese , Malay cuisines that delight event the pickiest tummies. Thou all these great stall foods are available, Kuala Lumpur does have some amazing restaurants to pick from.

Some of the best are right down the road from Apple Hotel.  The backpacker’s paradise of Tong […]

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Enjoy Kaula Lumpur like a Local

Enjoy KL Like a Local

By Erika Lehamn

As a boutique budget hotel, Apple offers guests the opportunity to live like a local no matter how brief a stay in exciting Kuala Lumpur might be. Nestled conveniently between the awe inspiring Petronas towers in City Center, Tasik Perdana Park, and Kelab Golf Driaja Selangor Club, the hidden jems of this historic […]

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A Spiritual, Multicultural Experience

By Erika Lehaman

Just like the modern yet historic city around it, Apple opens its doors to travelers of all cultural and religious backgrounds. Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, and Christian traditions add to Malaysia’s cultural richness. Kuala Lumpur embraces visitors on a spiritual quest, or those who want to enjoy the architecture of the houses of worship. Here’s the rundown on […]

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How Many of These have you done in Kuala Lumpur

We decided to add 5 things every tourist should do in Kuala Lumpur. How many can you check off your list.

KLCC or Petronas Towers, These picturesque towers are about a 20 minute walk from Apple Hotel. You can catch the monorail but still a good 7 minute walk. Best results for photos, go at night, the day photos are […]

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Transportation in Kuala Lumpur

City Transportation

By Erika Lehman

Navigating a new city can be a worry. Memories of being stranded in a small village flood my mind. Aimlessly wandering the streets, trying with all my heart to find my way to the train station with hopes that I can find my way back on course.  I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. And luckily in […]

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