Hotel Reviews with a Twist

Hotel Reviews with a Twist
Apple hotel has recently taken guest appreciation to another platform by offering the guests an opportunity  to review their stay via video upon checking out. The process does have it’s draw backs with where guests can offer negative feedback however CEO Jerry Ho said ” We can turn that negative into a positive through […]

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Safety and Security in Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Safety and Security in a Hotel

Guests when generally looking for accommodation look at the pictures provided for them by the Hotels. The hotels generally project a nice comfortable environment through the various photographs hence giving the customers a real sense of safety and security.
Most Hotels in the Bukit Bintang area recently have a track record they can’t be too proud of when […]

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Dreamland Beds

Recently we at the Apple Hotel came across a blog referring to our beds at the Apple Hotel. We would first like to thank the blogger for the kind comments regarding our beds and also express our deep thanks to Dreamland to providing these quality beds for our boutique Hotel.

We have a belief that nothing is more important than a […]

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